Contact Report No 764

Contact Report No 764

Billy and Quetzal have a conversation in Contact Report 764.  They discuss ethical behavior succinctly in the following quote:

…man should deal with it (ethics) in his thoughts and cultivate a methodical reflection concerning his morality in order to always be in the centre of his ethics as the main factor and thereby cultivate his specific moral high behaviour and actions, especially concerning his justifiability and reflection in relation to his consideration of all necessary things, his reflection of his creative duty, his consideration of all things of the environment.

Putin’s nemesis, Alexei Navalny, is falsely charactrized on Wikipedia as a Russian anti-corruption activist which belies his true nature as a self-important power-hungry liar who exploits every opportunity to discredit Putin including falsely spreading the lie Putin owns a giant palace in the north country actually owned by a Russian oligarch. 

Navalny wants to overthrow Putin and take the helm…I find Putin’s actions good, namely that he does not react at all to these attacking ridicule.

Greta Thunbery’s Fridays for Future movement appropriately acknowledges mankind’s ongoing climate destruction but fails to recognize Overpopulation is what is driving these negative processes and therefore, although well intended,  their movement will ultimately fail as a result of their naivety of the real problem underlying climate change which is overpopulation.

Billy provides some additional information on the Corona Virus mutations:

The new corona mutations have the property of infecting a person not only with one mutation alone, but that one can be infected by two or possibly even three of them, as well as the fact that a person infected by one mutation and cured can also be infected again by another corona mutation and fall ill.

Daniel Gloor goes out of his way to discredit Billy and the FIGU mission as do others, however Daniel really stands out which is fine; everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  Believe we can all attest to the experience that not everyone is ready for this information and so everyone evolves and their own pace and time.

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