FIGU Contact Report No 773

FIGU Contact Report No 773

FIGU publish Contact Report 773 dated Tuesday, August 10, 2021. 

This contact report documents research by terrestrial scientists and doctors who prove, with supporting data, this first-batch of trial-run corona virus vaccines are harmful to the human body. 

The contact report also draws attention to the evil minded Taliban and how they are lying through-their-teeth about a peaceful takeover, where in fact, their true intent is to extol retaliation and revenge on anyone who does not accept their fanatical ways and women in particular will be targeted and disrespected, abused, tortured and killed.  

Please periodically check the FIGU Canada or FutureofMankind website for an official authorized English translation of this Contact Report. 

If unavailable an unofficial English translation of this Contact Report may be found under the Resources | FIGU Contact Reports folder…or direct download by selecting the button below:

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