FIGU Contact Report No 788

FIGU Contact Report No 788

FIGU publish Contact Report 788 dated Tuesday, December 31, 2021 10:50 p.m.

This is a relatively short contact report but is packed with a lot of information covering many topics. Billy provides definitions for “Ethics” and “Conviction” as well as 8-key points of advice for FIGU and like-minded individuals.


“Ethics” is related to the psychological-behavioral that gives mankind a way to life and the ability to live together in the form of morality, discipline, correctness and gentleness, and the values of conscience, liability, distress, compassion, attitude and the sense of duty, virtue, and values. Furthermore, it contains the personal culture, discipline and order of truth and the rules of action, personal mastery and correctness, mastery of equality, as well as all regulations. It also contains everything of the ethos of moral responsibility, the important and thus absolutely unavoidable sense of responsibility as well as the basic moral attitude.


A “Conviction” results from an external influence or indoctrination contrary to one’s own view and opinion.  A conviction is believed without thinking nor fact checking it for the effective truth. The conviction as a whole takes place in such a way that a person assumes ‘certainty’ by invented, heard or simply believing arguments and he is led to accept this for true or to believes what is said or prophesied to him.

What Billy wishes for all people, especially the FIGU members and those who are like-minded:

  1. The right word always applies with regard to any justification
  2. Followed by the right behavior. Everything that can be used in any situation of this kind is done in the sense of justice and peace, so that it creates clarity, every misunderstanding is resolved and neither quarrel nor resent, revenge or enmity arises.
  3. Always be open and honest about your word, your attitude and your correct behavior.
  4. Do not participate in public demonstrations as an anonymous person and do not hide as an anonymous person in the mass of roaring and destroying demonstrators and other like-minded elements.
  5. Always tell the truth and advocate it as you deserve.
  6. Never get confused in your word and stick firm to what you say truthfully
  7. Let yourself be instructed in a matter, but never deviate from what you consider safe and effective truth
  8. Use the power of your ability of constructive thoughts and reflections before you make a decision, before you act, say something or answer a question. Your own conscious and factual thoughts and considerations testify not only to the attention and alertness to what arises, but also to the value of what is really thought.


The key points within this contact report are summarized below:

  • Billy General
    • Billy has trouble reading from the computer screen possibly a problem with his eyes
  • Conviction
    • A conviction is nothing more than a persuasion
    • A conviction inevitably arises and occurs only because one does not use their thoughts to fathom the true truth of what is told and blindly accepts the persuasion tactics such as the belief requires faith as proposed by most religions
  • Corona Virus Pandemic
    • The state officials stupidity exacerbate the effects of the corona pandemic worsening the situation instead of making it better
    • State officials divide the peoples into 2 camps; 1) the stupid and thus non-thinking advocates of the state-misusing machinations and 2) those who make themselves loud as objectors of reason, who think independently and correctly judge the accruing facts by reason and logic which excludes those who belong to right-wing and left-wing terrorism as well as neo-Nazism and conspiracy theorists
    • Conspiracy theories still persist that the corona epidemic does not exist, or that governments are trying to reduce the population by poisoning in order to reduce overpopulation or that a special group of rich people, millionaires and billionaires, are trying to do the same through the corona epidemic
  • Covid Vaccines
    • Maintaining the integrity of the human body must be an urgent constitutional duty in a state of freedom
    • If state officials mandate vaccinations, this leads to a division of the people regarding a disagreement or to a pros or cons between supporters and rejects of a cause. So there is a disagreement, which usually leads to quarrels and finally to demonstrations and destruction, if not to evil violence and even to acts of war
    • The creation of the G rule and the mandatory vaccination certificates, a criminal production and sale of false vaccination certificates is emerging, which is becoming more and more evident
    • Controversies arise especially with regard to vaccination and non-vaccination in families and in circles of friendship and acquaintance, that create divisions
  • Ethics
    • “Ethics”, is a psychological ‘invention’ of man with regard to his correct moral behavior and behavior
    • More aptly stated ethics guides man to learn the rules of life for behavior and these are adhered to, followed by a peaceful and correct coexistence of people in the first place without which only disharmony would prevail and make living together impossible due to spawned hatred as a result.
    • The rules of ethics help the individual and all people to ensure that a community of coexistence is possible on a small and large scale however this happens without man caring about the whole value and scope of the actual ethics, does not worry about it at all and simply lets life be good.
    • The fact that quarrels, hatred, uprisings and even wars, murder and manslaughter result from the disregard of ethics, precisely because it is only superficially and incorrectly described to man
    • Mankind does not know how important it is to learn and follow ethics and consequently only follows them halfway in the slightest parts, and therefore becomes susceptible to external influences
    • The fulfillment of ethics requires that its values are consciously sought and lived which cannot be reconciled with a religious belief
    • People need a lot of time to learn ethics, and can take a life-time because this is not simply given to a human being from birth and one must learn to master independent thought and not fall under the influence of conviction
  • External Influence
    • External influences may result in a conviction unless a person learns to really master himself by applying ethics to grow beyond himself and therefore reduces the risk of becoming compliant by external influences, such as persuasions, lies and fluffiness, such as by pretending, copying or simply imitating
    • External influences includes learned behavior from other people whereby one person’s behavior quickly ‘rubs off’ on another as they accept and act upon this learned behavior in the same way as the person they modelled it from
    • No one is immune to these learned behaviors which may be harmful or hostile and happen very quickly and therefore one must be vigilant to continually practice ethics
    • Guarding from external influences is difficult because the thoughts are not constantly focused on this defense, consequently there is a permanent susceptibility to being taken over the evil behaviors and the so-called external influence comes into play
  • Future
    • Much strife, hatred, misery and hardship, countless murder and manslaughter, war, betrayal and falsehood of all kinds will haunt earthly humanity, because the greed for money, the lust for power, selfishness and self-glory as well as the indifference of the earthling against the neighbor will become even worse than is already the case today
    • The African Corona Virus mutation Omicron is milder and less severe however will not be the last
  • Life Origins
    • In the beginning, gases of various kinds, electricity and climatic conditions and atmospheres, etc., that mix and create chemical compounds, from which ultimately molecules develop that divide and multiply themselves over time, from which bacteria develop over time and from this in turn in the course of development and time higher living beings develop
  • Plejaren
    • Plejarens are also only human beings and are not perfect beings, as many terrestrial people assume or believe
    • The Plejaren are not immune one way or another against harmful psychological-behavioral from external influences, despite our conscious-evolutionary higher status and therefore a potential threat of uncontrolled takeover exists
    • The Plejaren directives are aimed to prevent them from falling back into the old and evil ways of their ancestors
    • Of these directives includes prohibiting contact with foreign people (ie. earth mankind), which prevents a ‘staining’, from taking place
    • Therefore they maintain no or only short conversation contacts with terrestrial people if this is of particular interest to Billy’s mission or some significance
    • This is also the reason why Plejaren restrain from contacting the strangers who have been present on earth for a very long time
  • Religion
    • The consequence for mankind’s delusion and obedience of the belief in God results in no peace on earth, only revenge, hatred and retribution as well as greed and crime dominate
    • This also causes the constant fear that the next person or the government of the next country will start a war and murder and destroy everything that comes into the realm of their weapons
    • This, in turn, automatically leads to each country maintaining and arming its own military in order to be prepared against foreign attacks
    • Mankind is haunted by the old Bible phrase ‘an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth’
    • An external influence plays the decisive role in awakening the evil, fundamentally religious, vengeful, retaliatory and destructive attitude deeply embedded in the character
    • Christians accused many innocents of witchcraft through revenge, retribution or as a result of hatred, strife or profiteering, hereditary creep and for other vile reasons and thus handed over to death
    • Even today in certain countries and places alleged witches are still murdered, who unfortunately for some reason are accused of making a pact with the imaginary devil.
    • Heretics, condemned by the church, were self-thinking people
  • World Politics
    • NATO is an organization of evil violence that is ready at any time to intervene with weapons and military in a foreign state against others and to intervene like a war in foreign trades that do not concern them
    • NATO is nothing more than a ‘modern’ extension of ‘mercenary’ disguised as peacekeepers and peacemakers
    • The leaders of Europe and America are seeking to extend their influence further into Asia, by expanding NATO’s power to the East
    • The dictatorship of the European Union some member states are slowly realizing the goal of the EU is to deprive them of their own state constitution and decision-making power in order to finally make the state a vassal of the dictatorship and over time, bring the EU dictatorship into distress, so that it will not remain forever

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