FIGU Contact Report No 789

FIGU Contact Report No 789

FIGU publish Contact Report 789 dated Tuesday, December 28, 2021, 11:14 pm which includes a world population update for the end of 2021.  The key points within this contact report are summarized below:

  • Billy General
    • He got a new pair of eye glasses to help with his vision problem
    • His writings are continually haunted with errors by the sectarian forces, which he has to correct at great length
    • Bermunda comments Billy has quite a melodic singing voice
    • Billy wrote a poem “Naja” which has a somewhat macabre theme that he shares in this contact report
    • … and also wrote his own version of the song “Mountains Rise” and shares the lyric
    • Recounts a harrowing situation possibly life threatening however was saved by Semjase – details are sketchy; all we know is that since then Billy no longer sings or that he cannot sing
    • Recounts a horrible haunting experience that occurred in his office affecting 14 other people some of whom became so traumatized by the experience they never returned or made further contact – again little details shared. The event also occurred in the attic.  This problem was apparently resolved by a race called the ‘little ones’.
  • Covid
    • No masks of the form FFP1 should be worn when dealing with other people as FFP1 mask protection is limited because they do not provide an effective seal
    • Surgical masks wore by doctors and nurses protect patients but the wearer has limited protection against virus mutations
    • FFP2 and FFP3 do protect the person from inhaling the smallest airborne particles, droplets and aerosols
    • A mask of quality FFP2 and FFP3 without exhalation valve is to be used in dealing with fellow human beings, because this alone can guarantee a certain high level of safety against infection
    • A 2 m social distance is now recommended preferred over 1.5 m to ensure better protection from contracting the disease
    • A beard can reduce the protective effect of a proper mask or, depending on the case, cancel it out completely
    • After about 8 hours of wearing a mask it should be disposed of correctly and a new one should be used
    • A mask FFP2 and FFP3 with exhalation valve only protects the wearer and is unsuitable for dealing with fellow human beings and should therefore be avoided
    • Full mask has 2 interchangeable filters and – depending on the type and brand – with partial or full protective shield, but is hardly suitable for daily use, but usually only for certain work activities
  • Earth Strange Visitors
    • Bermuda draws attention to the Plejaren intent to remain unknown to the earth strangers
  • Injustice
    • The majority of the people on earth are unfortunately mendacious and vindictive when it comes to living out the pent-up hatred and practicing revenge and retribution
    • This generally occurs when people are not admired by their fellow human beings, then they resort to lies, slander, revenge and retribution
    • This may then also lead to misjudgments and miscarriages of justice, whereby innocent people are sentenced to punishments – even to the death penalty – against which they cannot defend themselves
    • They are simply found guilty because lies or false ‘evidence’ are made into ‘truth’ and faith
  • Loss of Personal Freedom
    • Negative interest rates are levied on the banks which are essentially a tax on savings and all persons who do not hoard their money privately but entrust it to a bank for storage are punished financially
    • By charging the negative interest rate, there is a very big profit for the institutions
    • This will be done with little attention and if questioned denied as a conspiracy
    • The practice is unjustified and serves only to steal horrendous capital from those who honestly invest and declare their money via the financial institutions
    • These plans to impose negative interest rates strive for absolute control of the individual but is kept secret for the time being but leads in the future to where only electronic payments will be valid and all cash should become null and void
    • A total control of the peoples and thus of the individual human being is sought by elements that strive to bring earthly humanity under a slavish and total control
    • The goal is for every transaction to be electronically controlled by the state
    • Initially only the large capitals will be charged negative interest rates, however if this test proves successful they will be very quickly applied to lower capitals and is ultimately intended to bring about a total surveillance of every single person
    • Even employees of the financial institutions are not enlightened, but deceived regarding the final goal of negative interest rates
  • World population
    • The earth’s population on 31 December 2021 at 00.00 h was exactly 9,248,028,002 people

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