FIGU Contact Report No 790

FIGU Contact Report No 790

FIGU publish Contact Report 790 dated Tuesday, January 4th, 2022, 10:21 p.m.  This conversation is with a larger group and they discuss NATO’s wrongful intention in Ukraine, origins of mankind and Darwin’s theory, explanation of pedophile behavior, and how the Zilton’s may have finally solved Billy’s computer problems. 

Key points in this contact report summarized below with a link to an unofficial English translation:

  • Billy General
    • The Andromedans from a planet called Zilton have been requested to help with the sectarian energies plaguing Billy’s computer
    • The Ziltonians can do a lot with their intervention, that your work will be facilitated in the future, because they are very knowledgeable in such energies and forces in order to be able to paralyze them to a large extent
    • Billy discusses some of the attacks he and others have experienced in the office and attic from sectarian forces
  • Covid
    • Billy lists 7-action required world-wide to end the pandemic
    • The Corona plague will continue to dominate the daily events of the earthly peoples
  • Covid Vaccines
    • Some person can get vaccinated and go unscathed, while others play with health or with life
    • Various people have health constitutions or are beaten in later years with nasty long-term consequences, whereby it will not be recognized that these lead back to the corona vaccinations
    • The vaccinations will be largely useless, because the constantly mutating virus of the disease has already changed and more useless against a new infection
  • World Affairs
    • French President Macron, as a proponent of nuclear power, will not willingly indulge in the dismantling of nuclear power plants, because in a few weeks he will advocate the opposite
    • Nuclear power is unsafe as Chernobyl and Fukushima continues to threaten in the future however no details are provided
    • Much of the wild is already so damaged by the application of selective and total herbicides and other chemical poisons that many plants have been exterminated and cannot grow back
    • A controlled birth stop and effective birth control must be taken worldwide, because everything can be improved by the disappearance of the basic evil – overpopulation
    • Domestic animals and many poultry and other living beings live in horrible conditions until slaughter which does not matter to the unscrupulous animal husbandry operators, who do not have the slightest feeling towards the suffering animals
  • Natural Disasters
    • In the coming time, but especially in a few days and weeks, as the earth rises in its woe and will make itself felt by natural disasters
    • Huge storms are already breaking over the earth, as well as snowstorms in areas that usually have no or very rare snowfall and earthquakes will multiply everywhere
  • Mankind
    • More and more murders will happen, this from jealousy, from disputes, inheritances, hatred, fear, bad family, marital or other conditions
    • Some great writers were silent about the fact that they only wrote good works because they were inspired by the indulgence of cannabis
    • Various authors who are very well-known in the literary world have repeatedly published and publish books, letters, diatribes, mocking writings and polemics of all kinds under foreign names
    • In all religions, it is concealed mainly in sexual relations in the adult sector and with regard to pedophilia, i.e. recurring strong sexual acts and compulsions or even behaviors involving children of all ages, even up to infants of both sexes
    • Quite often religious leaders and religious teachers probably officially adhere to the ‘order of faith’, but really only officially, because by the way they are secretly so devoted to sexual pleasure, as well as the majority of humanity
    • Pedophilia is a form of paraphilia that, in addition to sexual abuse, is aimed primarily at harming children, up to and including their murder
    • Sexual assaults that affect children and usually harm them throughout their lives are very common
    • Many sexual assaults and coercion are fictitious – also with regard to adults –to take revenge and retribution for some reason, or to extort money
    • In many cases, the child knows the adults as a member of the family – which results in incest when it comes to pedophile action – a stepparent, a friend part or an authority figure, such as a teacher or other person of instruction or acquaintance
    • Pedophilia is typically a dependence coupled with depression, resulting from family dysfunction suffered as a child
    • From the 21st day after conception, the first forms of basic character are formed in the womb, through the action of the psychological influence of the pregnant woman, which develops after the birth of the child until the state of puberty
    • If during the puberty period, emotional trauma or abnormal development experiences occur and if these are not cleansed and neutralized and brought to the state of balance of a person then they become prone to degenerate behavior thereafter
  • NATO
    • We Plejaren see nothing good in NATO
    • Acts of war will threaten again, including the nonsense of NATO, which wants to include in its “club” those who border Russia by all means in order to bring their power bloc as close as possible to the borders of the invented enemy Russia
    • This happens officially and is tolerated and even advocated by the world public, because among many earthlings there is simply an aversion and prejudice against Russia
  • Evolution of Man
    • Sfath – he knew Darwin personally
    • Man on earth was never of chimpanzee origin, as Charles Darwin suspected
    • Darwin never officially claimed his conjecture theory, namely that man descended from apes – even if this is generally claimed
    • Man of the earth developed from a being that lived about 47 million years ago and appeared on all continents of that time and had a tail and appendages with 5-fingers and 5-toes. Fossilized remains estimated a t45-millions year old were found in Germany in the Messel Pit
    • Man of the earth not only emerged in Africa from the natural evolution of the planet, but humans developed on the different continents almost simultaneously, if one can call the periods of about 800,000 years ‘almost simultaneously’
    • They were clearly so-called primordial humans in different sizes, namely giants, who reached almost 4.50 meters, then the smallest, who were not even 60 centimeters tall, while in between all sizes occurred which all descended from beings that existed in various forms about 45-million years ago which had been undergoing 90-million year evolution
    • About 12-15 million years ago man developed more humanoid forms and were regularly cannibalistic feeding on their enemies. Even today, to some extent, cannibalism is practised
    • The emergence of the first living beings is to be dated about 3.8 to 4 billion years ago
    • The vibrations of the earth itself, that it is precisely the earth’s gravitational vibration that makes it possible for something to grow and thrive


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