Figu Canada to share Gamma-Interferon English Translation

Figu Canada to share Gamma-Interferon English Translation

The Figu-Shop Switzerland-sells a booklet, titled Gamma-Interferon written in German by Rebecca Walkiw for for $5 CHF ($7 CAN).  Rebecca is an amazing researcher and her book is very thorough and informative highlighting the incredible health benefits of gamma-interferon as immune system booster.  

In Contact Report 238, Ptaah shares with Billy, gamma-interferon will one day rid mankind of virtually all disease once earth scientists learn to extract the naturally occurring gamma-interferon found in kefir and yogurt. 

This booklet is very timely considering we are in the midst of a global pandemic and a lot of people may be interested in learning how to boost their immune system in order to stay healthy however this booklet is only available in German from FIGU-Shop, with no translation currently available for the English speaking community.  

Recently FIGU-Landesgruppe Canada acquired an English translation of the Gamma-Interferon booklet and was made available on their website in March 2021.

This is excellent news because the English speaking community may now learn, in detail, the health benefits of kefir and how it strengthens the human immune system.

The Gamma-Interferon German-to-English translation was completed by Terry and proof-read by Shelia.

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  1. Sheila mentioned in a past blog post her kefir-making experience and directions.
    In response, and in addition to her useful directions, for all those allergic to dairy (casein protein allergy particularly), a water-based kefir can be made from water-kefir starter “crystals.”

    The good-bacteria strains within the water-kefir “crystals” might be somewhat different and how it compares to those in the milk-kefir for boosting one’s gamma-interferon action is a mystery to me, but my family makes it and we all drink it. (It just ferments on the counter in mason jars… I think if the temp is a bit cool, one can just ferment it for a bit longer duration as the bacteria simply work a bit slower in a slightly cooler temp).

    The water-kefir starter “crystals” can be strained out and reused indefinitely.

    It gets a bit fizzy so it’s kinda like soda pop but only very mildly sweet. I enjoy it flavored with lemon and bits of turmeric and ginger in it, but one can use basically any fruit, berries, dates, or just sugar to “feed” the fermentation process and also experiment with flavors in this way. But I can highly recommend lemon-ginger-turmeric (with FRESH ingredients, not dried spices or lemon juice).

    Hopefully, water-based kefir also offers some gamma-interferon boosting activity… it’s a healthy probiotic regardless which can help the immune system.

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