FIGU Time Sign No 169

FIGU Time Sign No 169

FIGU Switzerland publish a third FIGU-Zeitzeichen in December 2021 (No. 169).  An unofficial English translation is now available.

More informative topics on forthcoming forced vaccinations, state leader obsessions with vaccination and more documented harmful side-effects from the vaccines.  Summary of report contents below:

  • Covid Vaccines
    • Call for help from Austria: “We need your help, our country is turning into a police state”
    • Austria compulsory vaccinations by Thomas Baer
    • Doctors warn against general vaccination obligation
    • Young and healthy people and especially healthy children and adolescents must be discouraged from vaccination
    • The vaccine antibody response to omicron is drastically reduced compared to the delta
    • State officials wrongful push for vaccinations:
      • you are only healthy and safe today if you get vaccinated
      • Physical integrity has been abolished
      • Anyone who questions the state requirements endangers society and must be marginalized and economically destroyed
      • War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. (George Orwell)
    • Three children die and 120 are hospitalized after Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine and continue to be vaccinated
    • After COVID vaccination infants end up in hospital
    • Israel is preparing for the ‘second booster’ (now a total of four vaccinations)
    • 5-year-old dies 4 days after Pfizer injection, and what else the CDC VAERS data shows
    • Swedes are leading the way: Implanted microchip to detect corona vaccination
    • Anyone who has suffered vaccine damage can sue the state – but being recognized as a victim is like winning a lottery
    • Do not expect any support from the state in the event of vaccine damage
    • Not a single healthy child between the ages of 5 and 18 dies from COVID nevertheless, the country wants to promote vaccinations for children
    • Seven days after the Pfizer vaccination, a 7-year-old girl suffers a stroke
    • Compulsory vaccination is irresponsible and unconstitutional
    • World record free-diving holder has now damaged his heart due to the vaccination
    • Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine increases myocarditis risk by three times
    • Vaccinated people play a significant role in the spread of the Virus
  • Corona Virus
    • In the case of an infectious disease that can be transmitted via the air we breathe, a good mask (of quality FFP2 (NIOSH N95), self-protection, without breathing valve) protects, distance and hygiene are the most reliable and of unalterable necessity – and above all without any long-term consequences
    • What should have been done from the beginning and is now urgently needed to really contain the pandemic:
      • Prohibit all travel activities to and from abroad, unless they are really vital.
      • Prohibit all gatherings and events
      • All people must wear FFP2 masks in contact with people outside the household and keep a sufficient distance.
      • Consistent contact restrictions for all people
      • Immediate cessation of G-measures and equal treatment of all people, regardless of vaccination status.
      • Rapid test either for all people, or elimination of the test obligation
      • No assessment of the corona safety situation by means of the vaccination status, as anyone can become infected.

Please periodically check the FIGU Canada or FutureofMankind website for an official authorized English translation of this report. 

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