FIGU Time Sign No 170

FIGU Time Sign No 170

FIGU Switzerland publish the fourth FIGU-Zeitzeichen in December 2021 (No. 170).  An unofficial English translation is now available.

Good summary of existing world-wide research citing the harmful effects of the Covid vaccines and impending mandatory vaccinations:

  • Covid Vaccines
    • Personal account given by Kai Amos
      • I’m unvaccinated and that’s a good thing!
      • A politician means Master of Disaster! A joke?
      • The vaccine Nazi policy has become a new religion. It’s all about ‘vaccinating’
      • Wear a mask (at least FFP2)!
      • Keep your distance (at least 1.5–2 meters)! Strengthening the immune system (vitamin C, etc.)!
      • Voluntarily refrain from major events, travel, etc.!
      • Stop the vaccine campaign immediately!
      • Dispose of vaccine poison!
      • Aronia berry is said to have an antiviral effect and, according to a study, against corona!
    • Citizens and experts call for a halt to the introduction of the Covid vaccine in India
      • “The experimental vaccines pose serious dangers” is a message of a statement by concerned citizens (medical scientists, doctors, epidemiologists) to be sent to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi soon.
      • Mass introduction of vaccines exerts selection pressure on the virus, allowing strains to develop that are resistant to the vaccine, such as delta and Omicron
      • Luc Montagnier, a French virologist and recipient of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), has made a startling claim that Covid-19 vaccines are creating new variants in various parts of the world
      • Data from Israel (where the vast majority are vaccinated) show an increase in hospital stays and deaths among those vaccinated
      • The protective effect of the vaccines is also decreasing and is now below the prescribed effectiveness of at least 50%
      • The risks of the Covid-19 vaccines far outweigh the benefits for children
      • The vaccines do not confer immunity and cannot prevent transmission by the vaccinated
    • Booster vaccinations increase infections, Omicron is mild, least vaccinated countries have fewer deaths, vaccinated pose the highest risk
      • In Scotland, from August to November 2021, over 85% of deaths were recorded among those vaccinated
      • The British government has manipulated the data to blame the unvaccinated, but those vaccinated are most at risk
    • Virologist Hendrik Streeck sums up: “Two boosters a year would mean that the vaccine is ‘not good’
    • Vaccination with one of these Covid19 vaccines changes the response of your immune system – possibly permanently – in such a way that the vaccinated become more appropriate for future variants (this phenomenon is called ‘linked epitope suppression’)
    • Doctor Daniel Nagase examines Pfizer documents and is shocked: “That’s unbelievable”
      • Nagase examined the recently declassified Pfizer’s 40,000 reports of undesirable vaccine side-effects
      • Nagase calculated 31 percent of people who received the Pfizer injection had long-term or permanent symptoms or even died
      • Successfully treated three corona patients with Ivermectin at a hospital with all fully recovering however was fired for using banned drug to treat covid
      • The documents also report 274 pregnant women, of whom 47 percent had side effects. More than a quarter (27%) of pregnant women suffered a serious side effect, including miscarriage or stillbirth.
      • Ron Paul states Omicron is spreading, and the vaccines can’t stop it. Fauci loves to say that questioning him is questioning science, but that has nothing to do with science. It’s about power.
    • Boris Palmer advocates compulsory vaccination
      • How far are politicians willing to go to force vaccination?
    • Vernon Coleman: What does the COVID vaccine do to the brain?
      • Drug companies are the most ruthless of all corporate entities
      • The short term risks for those accepting the covid-19 jabs are horrific
      • There are the heart problems. It seems that the damage to the heart that is responsible for so many fit sportsmen dropping dead or collapsing is likely to affect far more people than we know about
      • It has now been proven that mRNA has been found in all human tissues except the kidney. It was found in the heart, lungs, liver, testicles – and brain
      • The more booster shots are given, the bigger the problem becomes. The concern is that the brain cells could be attacked and killed by cytotoxic T cells.
    • New York law provides for indefinite detention of unvaccinated people at the discretion of the governor
    • Vietnam: Pfizer-Biontech’s vaccine to be stopped after a series of deaths
    • Japan’s vaccination policy: No coercion, no discrimination
    • Most new Covid cases in Denmark occur in people who are vaccinated or boosted – and this applies to both Omicron and previous variants
    • Ex-footballer calls for investigation into the mysterious increase in heart problems “The numbers are rising immeasurably!”
    • Boeing, like other companies, suspend vaccination requirements for US employees
    • Open Letter from 390 Doctors: Little Benefit and Unclear Risks from COVID Vaccines
    • Doctor on vaccine deaths: “There are indications that the relatives are offered hush money”
    • Merck’s new COVID pill is a disaster
      • Placebo outperformed the drug in the second half of the study
      • Anthony Fauci praised molnupiravir as “extremely important” and praised its results so far
      • Molnupiravir causes virus mutations
      • Data showed that patients taking molnupiravir were more likely to be hospitalized (6.2%) than patients who received a placebo (4.7%)
      • Molnupiravir works by triggering mutations that ultimately kill the virus; a risk of cancer and birth defects is possible, and the drug should not be taken by pregnant or lactating women or children
      • By triggering mutations but not killing the entire virus – for example, if people don’t take all the treatment with the drug – new and deadlier variants could emerge worldwide
      • We are heading for a ‘world-class disaster’
    • More than 20,000 deaths reported to VAERS after COVID vaccinations
    • 16,000 Doctors and Scientists Say Children Should Not Receive COVID Vaccines
    • Robert :F. Kennedy Jr. posts on Twitter, MUST WATCH testimony by Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health accusing public health officials of “modern-day McCarthyism”
    • Studies show Pfizer vaccine is less effective against Omicron

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