FIGU Time Sign No 171

FIGU Time Sign No 171

FIGU Switzerland publish their first FIGU-Zeitzeichen in Jan 2022 (No. 171).  An unofficial English translation is now available.

More great research from around the world documenting the harmful effects of the Covid vaccines and state officials continued push to get everyone vaccinated. Key points summarized below:

  • Covid Vaccines
  • Covid Virus
    • According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the number of new corona infections is not falling sharply and quickly enough
    • Nordic doctors, researchers, nurses, lawyers, academics and citizens have launched the Nordic Covid Declaration
    • An Omicron infection enhances the neutralizing immunity to the delta variant
    • Statistician notes: The number of Infections and deaths are massively manipulated in the EU
    • China has introduced very strict Covid measures
      • In Xi’an, 13 million people are trapped, and a strict curfew has been in place for a week
      • Residents are not even allowed to buy food. In addition, the local Samsung factory was closed
    • Study shows that unvaccinated people are better informed than vaccinated

Please periodically check the FIGU Canada or FutureofMankind website for an official authorized English translation of this report. 

If unavailable an unofficial English translation may be found under the Resources | FIGU Time Sign folder…or direct download by selecting the button below:

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