FIGU Time Sign No 173

FIGU Time Sign No 173

FIGU Switzerland publish a third FIGU-Zeitzeichen in Jan 2022 (No. 173).  An unofficial English translation is now available.

General update of covid virus and covid vaccine related news reports from around the world.  Summary of the report content is provided below:

  • Covid Vaccines
    • Macron drives France to revolution in reference to unvaccinated people stated the following, “I really want to annoy them, and we will continue to do so – until the end.”
      • Vaccines and boosters require a refresher every 3 to 6 months to keep your rights
      • Vaccines do not prevent COVID, but they are an effective means of manipulating and dividing society
      • With elections in April, Macron’s strategy is to divide the country and turn the vaccinated into oppressors of the unvaccinated
      • Natural immunity surpasses protection from vaccinations
        • On August 25, 2021, Daniel Horowitz reported in an article in The Blaze that there are at least 15 studies showing that natural immunity from the previous infection is more robust and longer lasting than that from the COVID-19 gene therapy injection.
      • Interior Minister of Thuringia incites citizens against citizens
      • Company wants to hire only unvaccinated people because they are smarter
        • Olivier Arias has decided to hire mainly non-vaccinated people
        • I was stupid enough to believe the nonsense of the government, now I know it and am looking for smart people for my company
        • His tweet of December 19, 2021 suggests that he fell for all the government propaganda that was promptly spread by the mainstream media, and that today he wants employees in his company who had the common sense not to fall for the trick, but who are unfortunately stigmatized
        • It should also be noted that the strategic decision to hire a non-vaccinated person is a certain value: he is upright, pulls through his convictions and does so despite all adversities
      • Popular Canadian psychologist and cultural commentator Jordan Peterson has criticized Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s pre-Christmas message that people should put COVID vaccines on their ‘shopping list’
        • They would have to kill me first: Jordan Peterson criticizes Trudeau’s call for Booster Vaccinations
      • Turkey: Those who received 2 Sinovac and 2 BioNTech should now get a fifth ‘booster’
        • Turkey recently announced that a fifth booster vaccine is in the pipeline for those who have already received two doses of China’s Sinovac and two doses of the BioNTech vaccine at least three months ago
      • The fourth COVID booster vaccine could cause ‘immune system fatigue’, according to scientists
        • Scientists warned that too many vaccinations could impair the body’s ability to fight COVID and cause some sort of immune system fatigue
      • In Germany, left-wing politician Sahra Wagenknecht has described the new corona measures in the Bundestag as “epidemiologically nonsensical”. Banning unvaccinated MPs from entering the Chamber is a lockout and ‘manifestly unconstitutional’.
      • Valentina Boscardin: Double-vaccinated 18-year-old model develops blood clots and dies of COVID-19
      • A doubly vaccinated teenager died a few days later as a result of COVID-19, according to Brazilian media. However, the 18-year-old was healthy and had no health problems, according to her mother
      • According to the UK Health Authority, almost 75% of suspected Covid deaths are due to the vaccinated population
      • Neurologist warns:
      • Neurologist Jan Bonte determined the risk of myocarditis increased 4-fold after second injection compared to the 1st injection
      • EU regulators and WHO call for an end to COVID boosters as strategy demonstrably fails
        • Growing evidence that mRNA COVID boosters are not working and the strategy should be abandoned
        • WHO warns against repeated booster vaccinations as an unsuitable strategy against new variants
        • British expert calls for TREATING COVID as an endemic virus similar to the flu
      • Robert Malone warns of a ‘Ebola-like hemorrhagic fever’ caused by mutations due to mass vaccinations
    • Corona Virus
      • CDC acknowledges that over 75% of COVID deaths were people who “had at least four comorbidities”
        • CDC Director Rochelle Walensky acknowledged that over 75% of COVID deaths were people “who had at least four comorbidities” and who were “unwell from the start.”
        • The vast majority of healthy people survive COVID, even in the older age group
        • Professor John Ioannidis found that more than 95% of older people over the age of 70 survived COVID, with this number rising to 97.1% among those who did not live in a nursing home. Among those under the age of 20, the survival rate was 99.9987%
        • Danish media admit: We have failed
          • The messages that the authorities and politicians are sending to the population in this historic crisis leave much to be desired
        • Freedom and Rights
          • In Germany many fundamental rights have already been revoked or suspended due to the epidemic and when people express an attitude that is unpleasant to the state it is only a matter of time before this behaviour is elevated to the rank of a ‘terrorist threat’.
          • Implant for the ‹Covid vaccination certificate›
            • In a short video that quickly spread on social media, Swedish company Epicenter promoted its biochip technology for monitoring vaccine status.
            • Other implanted passport technologies include a dissolvable transdermal patch with microneedles that injects the vaccine and quantum micropoints with vaccine information to ‘label’ people, or the tattoo of a QR code with the digital information Covid Virus
            • Digital IDs are about control and profit, and it creates a system where people rely on a chip for banking, food, health care, everyday shopping, and more. There are steps that we can and must take together to prevent the enslavement of society
          • Investigative reporter James Corbett of The Corbett Report Solution Watch explores how we can avert the threat of vaccination regulations and vaccination passports
            • Another resource is the Solari Report where you can download a variety of forms. You can also apply for religious and medical exemptions
            • Peaceful protests and demonstrations – Mass protests are taking place all over the world
            • Ultimately, the most effective long-term solution is mass non-compliance. It is important to realize that it is not our politicians who are in charge. They are foot soldiers for nameless, unelected globalists
            • The technocratic globalists, who are the real masterminds, can only do what they do because people tend to just join in
          • Hatred of Novak has become a national sport in Australia
            • The whole country hates Novak Djokovic because he had the courage to do what most of us didn’t – stand up for ourselves
            • Novak’s principled stance has only served to highlight the fact that millions of Australians have allowed themselves to be abused over the past two years. And no one wants to admit that
          • In USA parents of schoolchildren are annoyed by “Shut up and comply” regulations
          • In Germany its obvious mandatory vaccination DO NOT stop the spread of corona variants nor eliminate Covid hospital admissions yet the government is obviously not interested in this, continuing to blindly cite the merit of compulsory vaccinations


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