Know when you’ll meet your soulmate

Know when you’ll meet your soulmate

Have you ever wondered if there is one special person out there who is your perfect match; your life soulmate.  Well, yes indeed everyone does have a soulmate however finding them can be challenging.  

If you are interested in knowing when you might meet your soulmate, CR 154 documents the computations based on one’s date of birth, gender and race.  Race is grouped into the following categories:

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Brown
  • Red

Another important consideration is the current world population.  The more people in the world the harder it is to find that one special person in life.  Like trying to find a needle in a haystack, the larger the hay stack the harder it is to find the needle.  So as the world population increase it takes considerably longer to find one’s soulmate.  All these variables are taken into consideration when determining the age at which one may first meet their soulmate.

The above information is used in, what may be best described, as a soulmate “date calculator”.   The birthday is used to determine the zodiac sign and the birthday month and date are converted to cabalistc form and cardinal base values to which a world population age adjustment is added.   Once the computations are completed, out pops out the age at which a person may start being receptive to meeting their true life partner. 

The age one may expect to meet their life partner is setup as an on-line spreadsheet calculator.  Sample output is shown below.

Simply enter your race, gender and birthday (blue) and the age and date you may meet your life partner is shown in green.  The results are presented in two columns for a base value of 4.3 billion or 4.6 billion people which reflect the world population in 1981 when this calculation was originally derived by Billy.  Either value produces nearly similar results and is up to you to decide which column to use. 

Note the age you may expect to meet your soulmate is constantly increasing because the world population keeps rising.  That is why the age you may expect to meet your soulmate is younger on the day you were born compared to today.

If interested in trying the soulmate calculator click on the button below.

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