ICUs in Alberta are drowning

ICUs in Alberta are drowning

A November MACLEANS news article claims hospitals in Calgary are running out of space, not enough oxygen and concerns about too little staff to treat the sudden surge in Covid patients.  The Doctors are taking to social media to explain just how serious the situation is in Alberta.

CBC reports December 14, 2020 was Alberta’s deadliest day yet of the pandemic when 22 lost their lives.  CTV News quotes NDP Leader Rachel Notley advising Premier Jason Kerry that Alberta has the highest rate of Covid cases in Canada.  Not really the kind of ‘best’ in Canada recognition to be known for.

With the Covid information that has been shared by FIGU, we know better than most the seriousness of this pandemic and do not need to be reminded how important it is to ‘stay safe this Christmas season’.

One thought on “ICUs in Alberta are drowning

  1. Notley couldn’t have done any better since all you have to do is look at the NDP government in BC for proof over their handling of the virus. We are all losers due to our inept, incompetent government leaders who don’t deserve their office. They allowed the Coronavirus to spread because Event 201 in October 2019 attended by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the John Hopkins Society and the World Economic Forum gave a lot of recommendations. Two come to mind. It was all about the big corporations not losing a dime from a pandemic and also not to shut down international travel. Our governments followed both to a tee. There wasn’t one thing in there about stopping the pandemic. It doesn’t matter which political stripe or elitist stripe, they are all stupid. I think instead of having elections we should just toss a coin for the winner and we would probably end up with the better person for the job. Lol
    Yes stay safe and stay home for an awesome non contagious Christmas.

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