Independent Media Streaming

Independent Media Streaming introduces an independent media repository located at

The media repository, is intended to house video and photo content.  Currently the inventory is somewhat limited to several beam ship videos and a number of beam ship photographs.  Content is expected to gradually grow in time.   The media repository is operated on a private independent web-server which means the truth may be shared without corporate regulation or control.

Why is self-hosted media significant?  Well one word, ‘censorship’.  Although this may not be a present issue the media trend may continue  whereby what is fake is substituted for the truth and the truth is hidden, suppressed or outlawed.  Self-hosted media is a means to bypass censorship. 

 The video below is one of the few Meier captured of a beam ship hovering over the horizon.  Not a lot of these remarkable videos available so they are like gold and provide an invaluable resource that may capture the interest of the uninformed who remain mildly curious.    

What makes this unique is the above embedded beam ship video is not streaming from YouTube nor any other corporatize hosting platform.  This beam ship video is streaming directly from the self-hosted media server, independent of YouTube and all other hosting platforms.  Basically no one can touch this video, remove or prevent it from being shown unless someone figures out how to bypass the web-server security protocol (entirely possible) however, were this to occur, the site maybe restored from a backup library, and the follow-up research will result in learning how to further secure and plug any web-server vulnerably which, isgreat!   

Embracing technology preserves a certain freedom of expression to share the truth without censorship.  Granted self-hosting doesn’t have the bells-and-whistles, convenience and perks of a commercial enterprise, but, none-the-less it works so, definitely worth the effort to setup and leaned a lot in the process.

The above BEAM ship photo is also hosted on the media server. 

Folks who participate in forums to discuss topics of interest, may, on occasion, wish to share an image or other media.  The allows media to be uploaded to a post as an ‘attachment’, however to write a post with several embedded images requires the media be readily available on the internet to which the images and/or media is linked within the post using the media URL.  But if the media is new, not currently available on the internet, it may be uploaded to the website and then its URL linked within the post.  This is the primary method of adding new images and media to forum posts including the FIGU discussion board. 

If anyone is interested to learn how to embed media into a forum POST just send a  note under ABOUT > CONTACT US.

BEAM ship media library may be found under the RESOURCES tab under “FIGU Media”.  

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