Inventor of mRNA technology warns about dangers of vaccinating children

Inventor of mRNA technology warns about dangers of vaccinating children

I just saw a recent video posted by Robert Malone, MD, the developer of the genetic technology for COVID vaccines. He first identifies himself as a father, grandfather. This is a very short video and I believe EVERY person in the world should see it. It is perhaps more prophetic than Eisenhower’s warnings of the military industrial complex nightmare, which we are living in today.

Malone stated he was reading from a prepared speech to be sure that every word and scientific fact was accurate. He is generally pro vax, and vaxxed himself. But he is terrified of injecting a child with something that could do irreversible harm to a child. The action is irrevocable.

The spike protein, a poison, “often causes permanent” injury/damage to various organs in their body, their reproductive system, and trigger fundamental changes in their immune system. The damage is irreversible, and can last the lifetime. Brain lesions and heart scarring cannot be reversed. The immune system might be genetically irreversibly altered. Generations ahead of us could be affected due to reproductive damage. “The technology has not been adequately tested.” We need at least 5 years before we can understand the risk. It can take many years to realize the risks of new medical technology

‘The reason they are giving you to vax your children is a lie. Your children represent no danger to their parents or grandparents. It is actually just the opposite. The [permanent] immunity of children after COVID is necessary to save the world from the disease.’

“The risk benefit analysis is not even close for this vaccine” for children, considering the risks of lifelong injury.

As a parent and grandparent, he urges you to resist and fight to protect your children. The risks of new medicines might not be known for many years. We need 5 years to assess.

He asks, “Do you want your children to be part of the most radical experiment in human history.”

View Dr. Malone’s video here:

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