Canadian health experts advise best defense against Omicron is quality N95 and KN95 respirators

Canadian health experts advise best defense against Omicron is quality N95 and KN95 respirators

As of December 2021, Public Health Experts in Canada now recommend wearing the best quality mask possible, including N95 and KN95 respirators.

CTV News report dated Dec 17, 2021 cites experts are now calling for more protective masks, including N95s, to curb Omicron.

Another CTV Toronto News story warns if you’re still wearing a single layer cloth mask ‘ditch it’.

Even Public Health Canada finally acknowledges better protection is afforded using proper certified respirators:

In general, while non-medical masks can help prevent the spread of COVID-19, medical masks and respirators provide better protection. No matter which type of mask you choose, proper fit is a key factor in its effectiveness

Folks familiar with Meier’s warnings have known for 2-years now the importance of wearing a quality certified respirator is the “ONLY” type of mask that affords any protection from catching the corona virus disease.  Its taken state officials 2-years to finally figure this out.  This is why its important, to update your supply of N95 respirators now before they become in big demand and short supply as we move into 2022.

Currently the only way to stay safe during the Corona Virus pandemic is social distancing, good hygiene and wearing a quality respirator.  Arguably a certified N95 respirator is the best line of defense however not all masks are made equal. 

Canada’s equivalent of the USA N95 mask is the KN95 and not all KN95 masks provide the advertised level of filtration and protection from covid.   

CBC News reports labs tests for seven KN95 masks sold in Canada fall way short of filtration standards. 

CBC published a list of 7-respirators sold in Canada that passed the KN95 and KF94 filtration efficiency of 95% or 94%.

Options to buy respirators includes the Canadian manufacturer Vitacore who manufacture an N99 equivalent respirator.  I contacted Vitacore to obtain better information on their masks and their response was as follows:

Hello Terry,

Thank you for your call.
We are having to deal with a huge backlog caused by the flooding and roadblocks in our Province from the past weeks. All our shipments and most Canada Post deliveries are late at the moment. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.
The CAN99 is our #1 mask, and it filters up to 99% of all particles. It’s a N95 medical mask.
The CAN99 has been authorized by Health Canada to be used as a NIOSH equivalent.  You can find the authorization here (scroll down the screen and type “Vitacore” in the “Filter items” field).

The CAN99 is also CSA, and CE FFP3 certified. It is worn by headbands and, as the name suggests, has over 99% particulate filtration efficiency (NIOSH) and a minimum of 160 mmHg blood penetration resistance (ASTM F2100). It also has a pure aluminum nose bridge for MRI compatibility and is authorized by Health Canada for use in medical settings. It usually fits 87-91% of all faces. It is roughly 22 cm from side to side and 9,5 cm top to bottom. The CAN99 is recommended for face sizes 2 to 10, as tested per NIOSH standard.

Please find more information in the two short videos below and on the documents attached.

Hope this helps. 

Another option to buy respirators on-line is the Canadian medical supplier Surgo.  They sell to the general public and have several 3M N95 Respirators to chose from.

Now is probably your last chance to stock up on respirators before they become in big demand.  If you want an extra level of protection Staples Canada on-line sells NIOSH N100 respirators including the 3M brand for about $16/each which is a pretty good deal.   

Another source to buy masks is from the Canadian Princess Auto chain which sells the N100 reusable masks and filters and the N95 disposable respirators.

Continue to stay safe, hope you have an enjoyable holiday season and all the best in 2022.

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