raw honey and black cumin seed significantly boost immune system to fight covid

raw honey and black cumin seed significantly boost immune system to fight covid

Amazing study finds raw honey with black cumin seeds boosts the immune system to fight covid!

Study proves raw honey and black cumin seeds (nigella sativa) taken together boosts the immune system to help fight covid infection and reduce mortality better than hydroxychloroquine, remdesivir, dexamethasone, convalescent plasma, and lopinavir-ritonavir.

Honey & Nigella Sativa (HNS) has proven itself a safe and effective remedy for COVID-19 patients. It promotes viral clearance, quicker recovery and reduces mortality. Its affordability, over the counter availability and ease of administration (as an easy home-based remedy) make this treatment even more feasible. Furthermore, as an inexpensive nutraceutical, HNS can be used alone or in combination with other drugs for additive effects. The treatment is very likely to reduce burden on health care systems in a significant manner.

In the study mortality rate was four-times lower in HNS group (4%) compared to the control or placebo group (18.87%).  HNS also cleared the virus 4 days earlier than placebo group.


RemedyMortality in Remedy Study GroupMortality in Placebo Control GroupBenefit
convalescent plasma15.7%24.0%8.3%


HNS significantly improved symptoms, viral clearance and mortality in COVID-19 patients. Thus, HNS represents an affordable over the counter therapy and can either be used alone or in combination with other treatments to achieve potentiating effects against COVID-19.

Dosages used in the study:

Drug: Raw Honey


1gm/Kg/Day for 14-days

Drug: Nigella Sativa / Black Cumin seed powder grinded into capsule


80mg/Kg/day for 14-days

Calculate the daily raw honey and cumin seed intake based on weight using an on-line calculator: https://cloud.isgreat.ca/s/LkYCTksiXX28H6c

In ~50% of cases, SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR became negative 4 days sooner in HNS groups than control groups. mortality among severe cases in comparison to control group was 27.0% (versus 25.0%) for hydroxychloroquine

Thus, HNS provided clinical superiority in reducing mortality in COVID-19 patients.  In contrast to these drugs, HNS represents a safer and more affordable option that can be used as an in-house remedy.

Dr. Mobeen Syed’s presentation on these findings may be viewed on Youtube by clicking the image below.

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