Semjase-Silver-Star-Center “Development” pamphlet

Semjase-Silver-Star-Center “Development” pamphlet

The Semjase-Silver-Star-Center, recently shared their pamphlet on “Development” written by B. Keller, Switzerland, published in German.  The pamphlet nicely summarizes “The Secret of Success” taken from Billy’s book, Wisdoms and things worth knowing in life, beginning page 261. 

In the excerpt from the book Billy highlights the importance of setting clear well-defined goals in life and to continually search with relentless resolve, the path to achieve one’s objectives.  This is nothing new; we’ve all heard setting goals is important, however when reaffirmed by Billy, we know it has merit, substance, purpose, and is based on truth and therefore is worth striving for.   

The message begins with a story of a girl raised in a family of devout Jehovah’s Witneeses, however she questioned their beliefs and found even as a child, she could not submit to their strict dogmas of faith.  She was the rebel in the family. 

At a young age of 14 she left her family to pursue greater truth and meaning in life.  Her personal goals conflicted with her family’s faith.

Billy goes on to say that pursuing one’s goals requires persistence that never fades and that all obstacles, however enormous, have to be overcome in order to achieve success.  One should never give up, even if you have to fight very hard for everything that is good and positive, at least in the beginning. But if the whole thing goes through, then success is certain and the set goal will be achieved.

This is a profound message that could change a person’s life.  Hope you will take a few minutes to read an unofficial English translation of this important document.

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