Truth about Corona Virus & Vaccines Evidence Mounting

Truth about Corona Virus & Vaccines Evidence Mounting

Billy Meier warned well in advance the Corona Virus was engineered as a bio-weapon, that the first batch of mRNA vaccines would be harmful and damage the body, and there would be immense pressure to get jabbed by these experimental and dangerous gene therapies.  

We now see slowly emerging, evidence supporting all Mr. Meier foretold.  Please refer to the following video on to learn more:

  1. Corona Virus Vaccines health damage (19 Videos)
  2. Corona Virus Engineered as bio-weapon (7 Videos)

Staying healthy during these troubled times is very challenging.  Billy Meier shared important information about taking vitamins and minerals to help support the immune system fight the corona virus.  Several alternative therapies may also be worth investigating but do your research and try to make an informed decision:

Thanks going out to Dolly for sharing links to some of these informative videos.

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