What is a JUST Person

What is a JUST Person

Recent free German publication available from the FIGU Shop that covers two themes:

  1. Definition of the Free Interest Group Universal
  2. What is a just person

The first part reinforces the underlying concept of the FIGU organization which is to promote freedom of choice; that each person has an ability to make their own decisions as best they see fit.

The second section identifies 33-key principles to live by, which, when followed, reflect the life-style of a just person.

This is a short but insightful document that will take a few minutes to read.  If nothing else reinforcing life’s guiding principles to better ourselves and live a ‘just life’. 

Please periodically check the FIGU Canada or FutureofMankind website for an official authorized English translation of this document. 

If unavailable an unofficial English translation of this FIGU document may be found under the Resources | FIGU Free Information folder…or direct download by selecting the button below:

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