What's New

This website is a bit of an experiment therefore content may change periodically to reflect a new layout to better meet the intended objective.

In recent times freedom of expression has been challenged and becoming more regulated.  As this site is hosted on a private web-server, legitimate content may be freely shared, avoiding any risk a professional web-hosting company may control, restrict or moderate content.  Further, the truth.isgreat.ca website has access to, by design, virtually unlimited storage capacity (terabytes).

Finally it has been quite enjoyable, challenging and an invaluable learning experience building a web-server from scratch with no prior training.

Behind the scene website updates are documented here listing site issues, fixes and other improvements.


There have been several recent updates to the website which include:

  • Contact Us page added to allow guest submissions with questions/comments to the site administrator.
  • A What’s New page has been added (this page) documenting website updates, changes, enhancements, fixes, etc..
  • The Forum now allows new user registrations previously something that had stopped working awhile ago however moderator approval is required to register.   This will avoid spammers.
  • New posts on the Forum welcome, however the very first post requires moderator approval.
  • New “Links” tab highlighting world-wide FIGU websites and study groups with automatic English translation on-the-fly.  Sometimes feels like we’re alone, but the list of websites (growing) highlights that the message is getting out there.


  • The truth.isgreat.ca forum header wording, “X-Creamy” has been modified to a more appropriate title.  “X-Creamy” was named by the software developer for this style which I particularly liked however, today decided to replace the header image with a more appropriate board themed graphic.
  • Added a few more Meier themed websites to the links page.


  • Approximately 30-registered users were deleted as suspected website spammers registered using the tree.blatnet.com email domain.  This domain is used for conducting abusive behavior including scams. 
  • To improve security, site registrations require moderator approval in order to deter scammers.